The Presentation of the Lord

The Gospel is the fulfilment of the prophecy of Malachi that the Lord would suddenly enter His temple. The prophecy goes on to explain the that through ‘this appearing’ of the Lord God’s people would be purified and then their offering would be acceptable to God. This unfolds through the presentation of the baby JesusContinue reading “The Presentation of the Lord”

The Baptism of the Lord

Prologue: We have just listened to the story of the Lord’s Baptism where Jesus is revealed by God, as God’s Son. This feast is linked to the Epiphany where the Christ child is revealed as God’s light bearer for all peoples and also with the miracle at Cana where Jesus reveals His own glory. All three events are epiphaniesContinue reading “The Baptism of the Lord”

Our Need of Conversion Before the Great Day of Retribution

Dear friends, we are living in uncharted times. I mean jokes are trending on social media about WW3. And yes, the climate is changing (as Our Lady of All Nations warned, referring to changes in nature). Has communism come again (c.f., seers of Garabandal) signifying the immediacy of the warning or illumination of conscience? IsContinue reading “Our Need of Conversion Before the Great Day of Retribution”

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